BURNT Challenges ‘Waste Reduction Regulation’

by TN Press Release Center on July 19, 2012

Press release from Bring Urban Recycling to Nashville Today; July 18, 2012: 

Following a two day hearing in front of the Senate Environment Committee and members of the House Environment Committee, long time solid waste group BURNT wrote to TDEC Commissioner Bob Martineau to urge that pending “Waste Reduction regulation” [Rules 0400_11_09 and 0400_01_10] should not be considered by the Solid Waste Control Disposal Board on 7 August 2012.

“These rules have nothing to do with waste reduction. They are accounting tricks to inflate very poor recycling statistics”, said Bruce Wood, President of BURNT “There are three different ways to calculate the 25% waste reduction goal and multiple ‘base’ years. Landfilled construction waste will continue to count as recycled. This is a bad joke”

On 10–11 July, The Senate Energy and Environment Committee held a two day hearing with House Environment Committee members. Representatives of Alcoa, Southeastern Redevelopment Council, and local business people each testified that solid waste should be managed as a raw material for jobs and business and that Tennessee lagged behind the other southern states.

“We are forfeiting needed jobs to feed hungry maws of landfills across the state. This pollutes water, hurts citizens, and squanders jobs” said Bruce Wood. “We must stop these regulations if they are heard on 7 August.”

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