Ketron Praises Chancellor McCoy’s Decision to Uphold Voter ID

by TN Press Release Center on October 1, 2012

Statement from State Senator Bill Ketron, R-Murfreesboro; September 28, 2012: 

(NASHVILLE, TN) — “Yesterday, we had affirmation in state court, in addition to federal court affirmation in July, that Tennessee has the right to guard against voter fraud and ‘to secure the freedom of elections and the purity of the ballot box’ as our Constitution states,” said Senator Bill Ketron (R-Murfreesboro).

“It should not be easier to board a plane, buy a beer or attend a national political convention than to vote in Tennessee,” he added. “As U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens said photo identification to vote is ‘amply justified by the valid interest in protecting the integrity and reliability of the electoral process.’”

“Our right to vote is one of the most sacred symbols of our freedoms. Many Americans and many Tennesseans fought and died for that right. Requiring a photo ID to vote will help maintain the integrity of elections in our state. This state court decision, like the earlier decision in federal court, supports that effort,” he concluded.


NOTE: Ketron first introduced the voter identification law in 2006 after the trial regarding voting irregularities in Senate District 29. He was the Senate sponsor of Senate Bill 16 / PC 323 which implemented the law that was passed in 2011. He represents Marshall, Maury, Lincoln and part of Rutherford County in the State Senate.

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