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Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey said he supports allowing gun carry permit holders to keep their firearms in their vehicles at work, as SB3002 would do, but that broadening that permission to licensed hunters goes too far.


School board members would be able to tune in to meetings and vote via videoconference, under a bill passed by the Legislature. Debate in the House Thursday centered on whether the plan allows school board members to shirk their duties.


An amendment to Rep. Julia Hurley’s bill allows laid-off workers, who took a drug test for their former employer in the previous 45 days, to avoid having to be tested again. Critics on the House Health and Human Resources panel said the bill is unwarranted, mean-spirited and could place a “stigma” on seeking welfare and other government assistance.


Religious student organizations in Tennessee would be free to require that their leaders, or members, hold certain beliefs under legislation passed unanimously by the Senate Education Committee. The bill, SB3597 brought by Sen. Mae Beavers, R-Mt. Juliet, comes in response to a controversial Vanderbilt University nondiscrimination policy. The “all comers” rule mandates that groups must […]

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Two bills broadening the rights of gun owners in Tennessee advanced in Senate committees Tuesday. The guns-in-lots bill, and another measure aimed at banning discrimination against gun owners, move to the full Senate.


The public will not be able to view the ratings of individual teachers, a plank in the state’s reform efforts, under a bill approved Monday by the Senate. The measure heads to Gov. Bill Haslam.


House Speaker Beth Harwell said the Tennessee Firearms Association – which has been sharply critical of Republicans on gun rights legislation – is not party to negotiations over a bill allowing workers to store guns in their vehicles on company parking lots.


Teachers are free to join in with student-led prayer or other religious activities, under a bill that has passed both chambers of the Legislature. A bill sponsor said the measure is probably redundant but affirms teacher’s First Amendment right to express their religion.


Gov. Bill Haslam told reporters Wednesday that a long-gestating guns-in-lots proposal would “find a lot more favor” with his administration if it more closely resembled similar legislation in Georgia. Sen. Mike Faulk’s SB3002 would prohibit employers from enacting policies that ban workers from storing firearms in their cars on company lots. The Senate Judiciary Committee […]


When it comes to integrity and openness in state governments, Tennessee is among the tallest of the leprechauns. The state earned a 76, good enough for a C in a new national study gauging each state’s risk of corruption conducted by the Center for Public Integrity and two other nonprofit groups. Not one state earned […]

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Three schools in Hamilton, Putnam and Sullivan counties will receive $5 million in federal tax dollars to strengthen their science, technology, engineering and math instruction, the Haslam administration announced Monday.

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A subcommittee in the House passed a bill to repeal the state’s law requiring voters to show a photo ID, but House Majority Leader Gerald McCormick expressed doubt the effort would go forward.