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Press release from the Tennessee Firearms Association; September 20, 2012:  TWRA issues “clarification” or policy change on permit holders during bow season TFA has received and confirmed reports that TWRA was advising its officers that a bow hunter (or muzzleloader hunter) who does not have a handgun permit could be charged with criminal hunting violations […]


House Speaker Beth Harwell says she feels little pressure to settle a heated debate over the so-called guns-in-lots bill by next year. The legislation died this spring after lawmakers could not agree on whether to allow gun owners to stow firearms in their vehicle at their place of work. “We either can come to the […]


State troopers set up no-refusal checkpoints over the Labor Day weekend under a law passed earlier this year that makes it much harder for drivers suspected of being under the influence to refuse alcohol tests.

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More than half the members of Gov. Bill Haslam’s hand-picked special Supreme Court have recused themselves from hearing a case to determine the constitutionality of how Tennessee selects appellate and high-court judges. Special Supreme Court Judges William Muecke Barker, George H. Brown and Robert L. Echols announced Friday they had disqualified themselves from the case […]


Two members of a state panel considering whether Tennessee’s appointment system for selecting judges is constitutional also lead a group that lobbies on the issue. George H. Brown and William M. Barker are board members of Tennesseans for Fair and Impartial Courts, which supports the current system and opposes selection at the ballot box.


As entertained as Democrats were watching Republican challengers pick off GOP incumbents in the primary election this month, the minority party says they’re concerned a wave of “extreme” right-leaning legislators would bad for legislative business. But House Democratic Caucus Chairman Mike Turner wouldn’t go as far as to say whether that holds true if Speaker […]

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Leading House Republican Rep. Debra Maggart hasn’t decided whether she’ll make another go if it in 2014 following her recent GOP primary defeat in Sumner County. The Hendersonville Republican blamed her loss on the National Rifle Federation and the Tennessee Firearms Association which “dumped over $150,000” worth of political ads into the race, she said. […]


Press release from Tennessee Citizen Action; August 9, 2012:  VOTING PROBLEMS ON ELECTION DAY? The past few weeks saw a plethora of election problems and mistakes at the polls in Tennessee. As we venture further into election season, Citizen Action urges all to be proactive in their voter mobilization and education. Everyone should know that […]


Tennessee drivers forced to submit to blood tests will not be added to a national DNA database used by law enforcement, state officials said. The state this year enacted a no-refusal law under which judges can issue warrants at the time of a traffic stop to force drivers to take sobriety tests.


Rep. Debra Maggart wants to set the record straight that she has a “100 percent” voting record on Second-Amendment rights legislation despite criticism that she worked behind the scenes to kill key guns bills. Maggart, a high-ranking Republican leader who is in the middle of a heated election in Sumner County, took her message to […]


Press release from the Tennessee Firearms Association; July 13, 2012:  It is no secret that the hottest primary race in Tennessee is the campaign to elect Lt. Col. Courtney Rogers in the August 2 primary in Sumner County (District 45) and the intended defeat of incumbent Debra Maggart. The NRA has already invested as of […]


The Senate’s top Republican says he doesn’t like that Second Amendment advocates are playing rough with lawmakers this election season. The punishment: possibly excluding gun groups on the so-called “guns in parking lots” issue next year.