Property Rights & Land-Use Planning

Representatives from FedEx, Volkswagen, Belmont University and other employers spoke against a bill to allow Tennesseans to keep their guns in their cars at work. Following the testimony, two state Senate committees delayed action on the bill.


Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey’s not liking the take-no-prisoners pressure tactics the Tennessee Firearms Association is exerting. Gov. Haslam says “balance” is needed coming up with a compromise suitable both to business interests and Second Amendment advocates.


Letter to Tennessee General Assembly Lawmakers, 1 March 2012; Distributed by the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce and Industry: Members of the 107th General Assembly Tennessee State Capitol Dear Senator/ Representative: Supporters of the right to keep and bear arms have long recognized the value of firearms to protect life, liberty and property. But in Tennessee, […]

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It’s official: It is now illegal to pitch tents outside the Capitol Building or any other state-owned property not explicitly permitting camping. Department of General Services says it will give Occupy Nashville protesters a week to clear off War Memorial Plaza, a marble topped public square the demonstrators have called home since the fall. Gov. Bill […]


Press release from the Department of General Services; March 2, 2012:  NASHVILLE – Tennessee Department of General Services Commissioner Steve Cates today announced that notices are being posted statewide to inform the public about a new law that prohibits camping on state-owned property, except for areas specifically designated by the appropriate department or agency, such […]


Gov. Bill Haslam says he expects the legislature to pass a ‘guns in parking lots’ law this session, but hopes to see its scope narrowed before it reaches his desk. The Senate Judiciary Committee heard testimony from proponents of the measure Tuesday and will hear from opponents at their meeting March 6.


State of Tennessee Press Release, Feb 16, 2012: Community Meeting Slated for Monday, March 5 WINCHESTER, Tenn. – Tims Ford State Park will hold a community meeting on Monday, March 5, 2012, to discuss Tennessee State Parks’ current land management practices, which allow hunting on a portion of Tims Ford State Park property. Beginning at […]


Tents would be banned on certain state property under a bill that easily passed the state House Thursday. Democrats say the measure infringes on free speech.


No Netflix Bill Rewrite

by Alex Harris on February 8, 2012

The revision planned for last year’s controversial “Netflix bill” has been deemed unnecessary by the legislation’s sponsor, House Majority Leader Gerald McCormick, who withdrew it from consideration Wednesday. McCormick said prosecuting lawful account sharing was not the intent of the bill. “For you to be breaking the law it required criminal intent — and…sharing inside the […]

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Tents and other “living quarters” would not be allowed on public spaces, under a bill advancing at the Capitol aimed at the Occupy Nashville protest – whose members have been camped on War Memorial Plaza for four months. Members of that group say the bill would limit free speech and criminalize homelessness. On Wednesday it […]


The governor wants to pump $70 million into the Fast Track grant program which is used to entice companies like Amazon to locate in Tennessee in addition to tax incentives and tax credits. Under a bill that gained committee approval Tuesday, the state would collect more information from applying businesses but share none of it with taxpayers.


Minority party lawmakers are touring the Volunteer State next week in search of ideas for how to ease unemployment. It’s an entirely worthwhile endeavor, said Tennessee’s Republican governor, who Friday wished Democrats well and encouraged them to spend a lot of time consulting with “individuals and companies who are willing to put their capital at risk to grow.”