Newsletter from Tennessee Citizen Action; September 13, 2012:  BORKED According to the dictionary for geeks, something is “borked” when it doesn’t work correctly or misbehaves, generally due to negligence by the person(s) that are responsible for it. So just how borked are elections In Davidson County? Well, we’ll know this afternoon [pdf] after the Davidson […]


Press release from Tennessee Citizen Action; August 9, 2012:  VOTING PROBLEMS ON ELECTION DAY? The past few weeks saw a plethora of election problems and mistakes at the polls in Tennessee. As we venture further into election season, Citizen Action urges all to be proactive in their voter mobilization and education. Everyone should know that […]


Rep. Debra Maggart of Hendersonville sees no double standard resulting from her current support of a George W. Bush-era juvenile sex-offender mandate from the federal government. Keeping sex offenders at bay is entirely different than expanding public education or government-run health care, she says.