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The governor says the state should have a thorough discussion about school vouchers, publicly-funded scholarships that can be used to attend private schools. A state panel appointed by Haslam to make recommendations on a voucher program is grappling over questions of eligibility and timing.


If all goes well, the state will give as many as four charter schools its blessing to take over some of the state’s worst performing schools, the superintendent of the state’s Achievement School District said. Nine charter schools applied with the state to turn around any of 13 failing schools under the jurisdiction of the […]

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Hopes are high within the Haslam administration that charter schools will play an increasingly key and productive role in helping improve state education outcomes.

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The Haslam administration’s point man for turning around failing public schools talks with TNReport about the challenges of his new job and his vision for success.


When U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan swung through Nashville last week to chat about his recent push to give states an out from the No Child Left Behind Act, he spent plenty of time talking about moving the needle on student performance in Tennessee. “I just love what I see here,” he told reporters. “What I […]


Arne Duncan, President Obama’s top education official, praised the state’s “courageous leadership” on school reform in Nashville Wednesday. He left little doubt the state will get the waiver it seeks from the No Child Left Behind law.


State of Tennessee Press Release; Aug. 1, 2011: ASD Launches Charter School Applications and Start-up Funding NASHVILLE, TN- Tennessee’s Achievement School District (ASD) has announced the release of a request for qualifications (RFQ) from organizations interested in opening charter schools in ASD attendance zones for the 2012-2013 school year. In addition to the RFQ, the […]


Press Release from the Tennessee Department of Education May 10, 2011: Tennessee Hires First Superintendent for Achievement School District NASHVILLE, TN— The Tennessee Department of Education announced Chris Barbic, founder and chief executive officer of YES Prep Public Schools in Houston, Texas, as Superintendent of Tennessee’s Achievement School District (ASD). Barbic will lead the state’s […]