Great Hearts Academies

Democrats on Capitol Hill Tuesday accused Republicans of abandoning their mantra of local government control in their handling of a proposed charter school for Nashville. Fired up over the Haslam administration’s fining Metro schools because its school board rejected the charter school application, Democrats said GOP leaders had adopted for the “big government” mindset they purport […]


Press release from  the Tennessee Senate Democratic Caucus; Sept. 19, 2012:  NASHVILLE – Senate Democrats on Wednesday condemned the state sanctions doled out against Metro Nashville Public Schools over its denial of a single charter school’s application. Gov. Bill Haslam, along with Commissioner of Education Kevin Huffman, announced Tuesday their decision to withhold $3.4 million […]


Gov. Bill Haslam is warming to the idea of establishing a process whereby state education officials bypass local school districts when considering approval of new charter schools. The governor has for months indicated little interest in the idea, which is a departure from the current system wherein local elected officials determine whether to allow a […]


Republicans face the tricky prospect of giving the state the authority to approve new charter schools — a move that would go against their mantra of local control in governing. Charter school opponents stand ready to point out any hint of hypocrisy.


Hours after the governor told reporters the state’s system works for overriding local charter school rejections, the Metro Nashville School Board refused to follow the Board of Education’s orders to OK Great Hearts Academies.


Local school boards are rejecting a troubling number of charter school applications, a state education official said, suggesting that more power to approve charters should be shifted to the state. The Tennessee State Board of Education, chaired by B. Fielding Rolston, overturned half of the 14 local school board charter-school rejections that it considered on […]