Jack Johnson

Employers are having difficulty attracting workers whose unemployment has not run out, lawmakers believe, and want to require beneficiaries to prove they’re trying to get a job.


Press Release from the Senate Republican Caucus; Sept. 30, 2011: Tennessee Civil Justice Act of 2011 set to take effect Saturday (NASHVILLE, TN), September 30, 2011 – Major legislation passed by the General Assembly this year which offers businesses predictability and a way to quantify risk as they decide where to locate is set to […]


Press Release from the Office of Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey, July 12, 2011: (Nashville) – Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey (R – Blountville) today announced the addition of Sen. Jim Tracy (R – Shelbyville) to the Senate Commerce, Labor and Agriculture Committee. “I’ve known Jim for a long time,” said Ramsey. “His commitment to public service […]


The House has yet to vote on its version of the plan, although Republican leaders in the GOP-run lower chamber have hinted they support the Senate bill. The House Finance Ways and Means Committee is scheduled to take up the issue Tuesday.


Press Release from Ron Ramsey, Speaker of the Tennessee Senate, May 2, 2011: Bill increases collaboration between local school boards and teachers (Nashville) – Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey (R – Blountville) emphasized his ongoing support tonight for Senate Bill 113, a crucial piece of education reform legislation sponsored by Sen. Jack Johnson (R-Franklin) which passed […]


Speaker Beth Harwell, GOP Chairwoman Debra Maggart want issues like merit pay, teacher evaluations left completely to school boards.


According to the latest version of the bill obtained by TNReport, teachers will have 45 days to offer school boards written feedback on a policy guide dictating how their salary and benefits decisions will be made.


The House may go along with a ban on teachers’ collective bargaining privileges after all. After spending weeks supporting a scaled-back plan to rein in Tennessee teachers’ unions, House Speaker Beth Harwell told reporters she thinks the Senate’s more stringent proposal will be “more palatable to some of our House members” once the upper chamber […]


Statement from Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey; March 17, 2011: Last November, Tennesseans issued a mandate to the Republican majority to institute bold and meaningful education reform. Sen. Jack Johnson’s bill to outlaw locking taxpayers into funding union contracts is a prime example of the kind of reform Tennesseans have requested. The Senate remains committed to […]


Both the House speaker and the governor now appear on board with scaled back legislation. Whether Democrats and Senate Republicans lend support remains to be seen.


Tennessee’s House speaker says her priority is passing education initiatives proposed by the governor, who has yet to jump into the battle over the role of unions in negotiating teacher contracts. No word from Harwell what changes she supports in bill targeting collective bargaining.

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Republicans say they prefer to address the issues raised individually rather than in a comprehensive bill. Among the changes to law proposed Wednesday are requirements that businesses check workers through E-Verify, implementation of an Arizona-style law and prohibitions against illegal immigrants receiving state aid or services.