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Press release from State Senator Jim Kyle, D-Memphis; September 28, 2012:  NASHVILLE – Voter participation in Tennessee is critically low, and the barriers to voting are too high, Senate Democratic leader Jim Kyle said Friday. “What’s the difference between a farmer in Iowa and a farmer in Tennessee? A farmer in Iowa can vote for […]


Sen. Beverly Marrero wears many hats. But as of Nov. 6, she’ll be wearing one less. After 10 years in the Legislature, Marrero lost her bid for re-election to her Memphis district in last month’s Democratic primary against Sen. Jim Kyle. Although Marrero said she’d like to be remembered for standing up for women, the […]


Sen. Beverly Marrero says she has yet to forgive Sen. Jim Kyle for edging her out of office in the Democratic primary instead of running against a Republican. But the 73-year-old says she hasn’t totally ruled out taking another stab at getting back into the Legislature by running against Sen. Brian Kelsey, R-Germantown, in 2014. […]


Even outgoing legislators are permitted to let taxpayers foot the bill for out-of-state legislative trips, complete with a per diem, travel and lodging expenses.


Press release from Sen. Jim Kyle, D-Memphis; July 6, 2012:  MEMPHIS – State Senator Jim Kyle echoed the sentiments of Mayor AC Wharton, who spoke yesterday on the city attorney’s opinion that new photo Memphis Public Library cards meet the legal criteria for acceptable photo identification for the purposes of voting. “We need to do […]


Press release from State Sen. Jim Kyle; June 27, 2012: MEMPHIS – State Senator Jim Kyle is hosting a meeting on Monday, July 2 at the Shelby County Elections Operations Center to examine the recent report of alleged missing voter histories. “We have heard a lot of talk about some 488 voter histories that have […]


Democrats are urging the governor to head off college tuition hikes by calling lawmakers back to Nashville this summer, though their plea is not likely to prompt action. They say lawmakers should freeze college tuition rates as officials at the state’s Board of Regents and the University of Tennessee Board of Trustees contemplate increasing college […]


Press release from Tennessee Sen. Jim Kyle, D-Memphis; June 15, 2012:  NASHVILLE – Senate Democratic Leader Jim Kyle has requested that the State Election Commission look into allegations that more than 11,000 Tennessee voter history files have been inadvertently purged without cause. “Everyone should be able to have confidence in the election process and know […]

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Press release from the Tennessee Senate Democratic Caucus; June 13, 2012: NASHVILLE – Senate Democratic Leader Jim Kyle called on Governor Bill Haslam and lawmakers to introduce larger cuts to the food tax and to freeze college tuition rates amidst news that the state government has nearly $225 million in excess funds. “The Governor has […]


The National Rifle Association’s point man in Tennessee favors putting the state’s Republican leadership on the spot for all to see regarding controversial gun-rights expansion measures in the General Assembly. “This is an issue that has been pending for four years,” NRA lobbyist Darren LaSorte said of legislation designed to ensure employees can keep a […]


Seeking to pit Republicans against one another and to force them to choose between key conservative-leaning constituencies, Senate Democratic Leader Jim Kyle attempted Monday to suspend the chamber’s regular rules and place the controversial guns-in-parking-lots bill directly on the floor. “I’m in somewhat of a quandary on this bill — I can’t vote against it […]

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Press Release from Senate Democratic Leader Jim Kyle, April 23, 2012: GOP members vote down move to hear bill on House, Senate floors NASHVILLE — Senate Democratic Leader Jim Kyle called on House and Senate Republicans to support floor votes on a bill allowing Tennesseans to store guns in vehicles on businesses’ parking lots, regardless […]