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Republicans face the tricky prospect of giving the state the authority to approve new charter schools — a move that would go against their mantra of local control in governing. Charter school opponents stand ready to point out any hint of hypocrisy.


In the state’s ranking of best and worst performing schools, charter schools were a mixed bag last year. Two charter schools made the state’s top 5 percent list for showing big academic gains, but five showed up as schools with the worst academic records. “It really reflects that a lot of students come to us […]


Hours after the governor told reporters the state’s system works for overriding local charter school rejections, the Metro Nashville School Board refused to follow the Board of Education’s orders to OK Great Hearts Academies.


Local school boards are rejecting a troubling number of charter school applications, a state education official said, suggesting that more power to approve charters should be shifted to the state. The Tennessee State Board of Education, chaired by B. Fielding Rolston, overturned half of the 14 local school board charter-school rejections that it considered on […]


Statehouse proponents portray measure as common-sense effort to increase charter-school transparency and encourage the hiring of Tennesseans. Detractors: It assumes the worst of people who’ve done nothing wrong.


Newsletter from the Tennessee Charter Schools Association; Oct. 5, 2011: Letter from the Executive Director You have likely noticed a great deal more activity with charter schools this year. I constantly hear from advocates throughout education reform regarding the growth of charter schools. We have 40 charters in operation, 5 more approved for opening in […]


Charter school advocates say they would like to bypass local school board authority when setting up new charters, but Gov. Bill Haslam said he’s comfortable with the recently passed reforms and wants to see how that works before doing anything else.


Hopes are high within the Haslam administration that charter schools will play an increasingly key and productive role in helping improve state education outcomes.

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Numerically outmatched House Democrats on the education subcommittee took issue with several facets of the governor’s bill. It is slated to come up again in a week.


Optimism is running high for charter-school advocates. Not only are the governor and majority-party lawmakers firmly in their corner, the new state education commissioner is a national reform figure committed to the kind of outside-the-box thinking they thrive on.


Battles over the possible merger of the local city and county school districts continue, but it’s unclear exactly what the future holds for the area’s 25 contracted schools.