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Gov. Bill Haslam’s office denied a public records request to review his official calendar, a decision that in Tennessee can only be challenged via the courts. An open government advocate said the public has an interest in seeing Haslam’s schedule.


When it comes to integrity and openness in state governments, Tennessee is among the tallest of the leprechauns. The state earned a 76, good enough for a C in a new national study gauging each state’s risk of corruption conducted by the Center for Public Integrity and two other nonprofit groups. Not one state earned […]

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School board members could participate in meetings over the Internet, and more information would be available about the interest groups pushing certain legislation, under two bills considered by lawmakers this year. Here are other measures dealing with government transparency.


Republican leaders on Capitol Hill say they’re still working out the details of a stalled piece of legislation that would keep secret certain information collected from businesses seeking millions in tax incentives from the state. The Haslam administration-backed bill, SB2207, would expand the amount of due diligence information – such as corporate financial statements and […]


Haslam’s loosening of former Gov. Bredesen’s stringent financial disclosure rules was displeasing to some. But TN standards for public officials are basically in line with other states.


If a public employee sends a personal e-mail via his public account, is that message a public record? That’s the question Hamilton County officials are grappling with, after a county employee was found to be operating a side business using his public e-mail account. The county attorney appears to be battening down the hatches after […]


It would seem sort of strange that a high-profile news outlet — or,  for that matter, any ordinary citizen — would have to call in the hired legal guns to convince government officials to release something as basic as the names of people applying for a department-level director’s job. But that’s just what’s happened in […]


Press Release from AARP Tennessee, July 2, 2010: Governor signs bill adding AARP representative to Open Government Committee NASHVILLE, Tenn. — AARP will help bring “Sunshine” into Tennessee by joining a group that advises government agencies on provisions of the law requiring them to conduct business publicly. Gov. Phil Bredesen signed legislation this week adding […]


Press Release from Sen. Lowe Finney, D-Jackson; June 9, 2010: Corporations Will be Required to Disclose Expenditures NASHVILLE – A bill sponsored by State Sen. Lowe Finney (D-Jackson) requiring corporations to publicly disclose political financial contributions received final approval in the House on Tuesday. “I’m proud that members of both parties came together and agreed […]


Republican candidate for governor says improving government transparency will be one of his primary objectives if elected. The Shelby County district attorney also promised to release his latest set of federal income tax returns later this year, and wants others in or seeking Tennessee public office to do the same.