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The Senate’s top Republican says he doesn’t like that Second Amendment advocates are playing rough with lawmakers this election season. The punishment: possibly excluding gun groups on the so-called “guns in parking lots” issue next year.


House Democratic Caucus Chairman Mike Turner predicts education to be a source of much debate next legislative session and for his party to face another year of uphill fights.

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Critics’ concerns over constitutional amendment’s language don’t appear to be shared by state government wildlife managers.


Both candidates reiterated earlier statements that local officials should decide if and where controversial building occurs.


Press Release from Sen. Reginald Tate, D-Memphis, March 17, 2010: Legislation Would Allow Community Groups To Clean Blighted Properties NASHVILLE – Neighborhood groups and community organizations will be allowed to clean up blighted and abandoned properties under a bill passed 29-0 Wednesday in the state Senate by Sen. Reginald Tate of Memphis. “This bill gives […]


Press release from the Tennessee Center for Policy Research, 12 Jan. 2010: Forty-five legislative ideas for a prosperous Tennessee NASHVILLE – The Tennessee Center for Policy Research today made available in electronic version its most recent publication, An Idea a Day: 45 Ideas for a Prosperous Tennessee. The pamphlet offers one innovative free market idea […]


State of Tennessee Press Release: The Tennessee Forestry Commission will meet Jan. 12, 2010 at 9 a.m. EST at the Tennessee Department of Agriculture Division of Forestry’s East Tennessee Nursery, located at 9063 Hwy. 411 S. in Delano, Tenn. The commission will hear reports on off-road vehicle use on private forestlands, timber trespass, property access […]