Critics’ concerns over constitutional amendment’s language don’t appear to be shared by state government wildlife managers.


The measure breezed through the Senate Wednesday, a stark contrast to the gale-force debate that howled up in the House last week.


Press Release from Sen. Doug Jackson, D-Dickson, April 29, 2010: Bill allows permit holders to carry weapons in establishments that serve alcohol NASHVILLE – The State Senate passed a bill Thursday 23-9 sponsored by Sen. Doug Jackson (D-Dickson) to allow handgun carry permit holders to take their weapons into establishments that serve alcohol. “This version […]

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Press release from Tennessee Senate Democratic Caucus, Jan. 28, 2010: Sen. Jackson’s legislation on track to go to voters this fall NASHVILLE — State constitutional protection of Tennesseans’ right to hunt and fish passed unanimously in the Senate Thursday and is on track to go to voters this fall, thanks to the efforts of Sen. […]

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This press release was issued by the National Rifle Association on Nov. 23, 2009: Fairfax, Va. – Chancellor Claudia Bonnyman of the Chancery Court for Davidson County, Tennessee ruled last week that Tennessee’s restaurant carry law is unconstitutionally vague because of a perceived ambiguity over the state’s definition of restaurants. This law gave right-to-carry permit […]