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Gov. Bill Haslam insists a federal plan requiring online merchants to collect sales taxes is the way to go, despite it meaning online shoppers would be forced to cough up more money for government to spend. Fresh from testifying before Congress in favor of such a plan, Haslam told reporters Wednesday the current system is […]


Press Release from NetChoice, July 23, 2012: Washington, D.C. – NetChoice Executive Director Steve DelBianco today testified before the House Judiciary Committee about the dangers of enacting the Main Street Fairness Act (H.R. 3179). While the proposal is intended to put traditional brick-and-mortar retailers on a level playing field with online retailers, it widely misses […]


Statement of Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam at the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on the Judiciary Hearing; July 24, 2012: -As prepared- Chairman Smith, Ranking Member Conyers and members of the committee, I am grateful to be here to testify on behalf of the National Governors Association. I believe I am uniquely positioned to be before you […]


Lawmakers spent much of last year riding a political roller coaster to define’s role in collecting sales taxes from online shoppers. This week they made their first move to approve a deal reached between the state and the online retail titan. Just a day before Gov. Bill Haslam toured the new Amazon warehouse in […]


The governor said the state sales tax on food should be reduced to 5.3 percent, and that people inheriting up to $1.25 million should be exempt from the state’s inheritance tax. Haslam’s legislative agenda also hit on flexibility in school salaries, state hiring.


Tennessee revenue officials say they are taking steps to ensure the public understands they’re supposed to be paying sales taxes when they shop online, although very few taxpayers do it. Last year, the state collected $4.8 million in use taxes voluntarily paid. Economists suggest in the same period, the state was owed more than $300 […]


Retailers immediately criticized a deal the state has struck with Amazon, saying the government was “meddling in the free market.” The agreement announced Thursday by Gov. Bill Haslam calls for the company to hire 3,500 full-time workers in the state, and begin charging Tennesseans sales tax in 2014.


The attorney general affirmed the wide latitude that the Revenue commissioner has in tax decisions. Gov. Bill Haslam said Tuesday he had just heard about the opinion and had little comment.


Press Release from The Alliance for Main Street Fairness in Tennessee; Oct. 4, 2011:  Tennessee Attorney General States Amazon Has Nexus; If Internet Retailer Can Collect In Golden State, It Can Collect In Volunteer State?  Nashville, TN – The Alliance for Main Street Fairness (AMSF) in Tennessee today issued the following statement in response to […]


The Alliance for Main Street Fairness opposes a deal the Bredesen administration struck with The online retail giant promised to build distribution centers in Hamilton and Bradley counties under an agreement the company would not have to collect sales taxes.


The global online retailer has a lot of fans and political allies as a result of the jobs it is promising to create in Tennessee. But some critics say Amazon’s preferential tax treatment could result in small businesses laying workers off.


Republicans for years pushed for a tax cut on groceries. Now that they’re in control of state government, their appetite for relief has dulled some.