Tennessee tobacco farmers will see taxes on their products rise because of legislation passed this year by the General Assembly, mirrored by a provision in the federal highway bill passed in July. Although the highway bill has been touted by Washington politicians as supporting or creating around a million jobs, the provision taxing roll-your-own tobacco […]


State Rep. Joe Carr, R-Lascassas, says he will review the law that allowed the state Department of Revenue to go after $500 in sales and use taxes on a homemade boat.


Editorial from Rep. Joshua Evans, R-Greenbrier; July 6, 2012:   Throughout this week of celebrating our Independence, I hope that, in addition to the fireworks and the barbecues, each of us takes the time to reflect on the system that our Founding Fathers so wisely developed. Influenced by the experiences of other nations where citizens […]


Republicans on Capitol Hill take pride in saying they want to reduce spending, but they ended up handing taxpayers the bill for $23 million in projects GOP lawmakers themselves identified as pork.


Rural property owners say the tax on inheritances punishes them for working hard, and that it often prompts some families to sell the farm when the older generation dies.


Gov. Bill Haslam has backed off a bill that would allow for larger class sizes in Tennessee schools, and top lawmakers are editing a bill that would shield certain financial information submitted by companies in their applications for taxpayer-funded grants. More updates here on Haslam’s legislative agenda.


Tennessee’s finances may not be perfect, but they’re in “good, sound fiscal condition,” according to the state’s top auditor. “Let’s not mess it up,” Comptroller Justin Wilson told members of the House Finance, Ways and Means Committee this week. “To keep in really good shape, the state needs to continue to reduce expenses, and the […]


The governor said the state sales tax on food should be reduced to 5.3 percent, and that people inheriting up to $1.25 million should be exempt from the state’s inheritance tax. Haslam’s legislative agenda also hit on flexibility in school salaries, state hiring.


Former Gov. Phil Bredesen said a report critical of the tax variances awarded by former Revenue Commissioner Reagan Farr was motivated by politics. Bredesen made the comments following a discussion Tuesday with students at the University of the South in Sewanee.

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The governor’s administration is in talks with Amazon over whether the company should have to collect sales taxes on transactions in Tennessee. Any agreement struck with the company would be made public, he said.


Republicans for years pushed for a tax cut on groceries. Now that they’re in control of state government, their appetite for relief has dulled some.


Press Release from the House GOP Caucus, June 8, 2011: Mount Juliet Legislator Calls First Session the Most Successful in Tennessee History (NASHVILLE, June 8, 2011) – After years of near one Party control in Tennessee politics, Republicans won control of the Governor’s mansion, Senate, and House for the first time in the history of […]