tennessee coalition for open government

Gov. Bill Haslam vowed he and his staff would re-evaluate whether they should keep the governor’s meeting schedule secret, but he says he hasn’t gotten that far yet. “We really hadn’t had that discussion again, and we will, in terms of looking at that,” Haslam told reporters Friday before a ribbon cutting at Saks distribution […]


Gov. Bill Haslam’s office denied a public records request to review his official calendar, a decision that in Tennessee can only be challenged via the courts. An open government advocate said the public has an interest in seeing Haslam’s schedule.


Haslam’s loosening of former Gov. Bredesen’s stringent financial disclosure rules was displeasing to some. But TN standards for public officials are basically in line with other states.


If a public employee sends a personal e-mail via his public account, is that message a public record? That’s the question Hamilton County officials are grappling with, after a county employee was found to be operating a side business using his public e-mail account. The county attorney appears to be battening down the hatches after […]