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Press release from Tennessee Citizen Action; August 9, 2012:  VOTING PROBLEMS ON ELECTION DAY? The past few weeks saw a plethora of election problems and mistakes at the polls in Tennessee. As we venture further into election season, Citizen Action urges all to be proactive in their voter mobilization and education. Everyone should know that […]


Secretary of State Tre Hargett says the effort will be two-fold — to make sure local election officials know what to do and, more emphatically, to make sure the voting public knows about the law in advance of voting.

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A city of Jackson councilman has resigned after more than a decade of service, after officials realized he was ineligible based on a felony conviction 25 years ago, the Jackson Sun is reporting. City Councilman Johnny Dodd announced his resignation Thursday, saying that the conviction stemmed from a youthful mistake. From the Jackson Sun: Dodd […]