Gov. Bill Haslam says the state should consider tightening rules for where welfare recipients can use their taxpayer-funded benefits. “One of the questions people always have about benefits is, are they being used in the right way? I think, obviously, that’s part of our responsibility,” Haslam told reporters on Capitol Hill Thursday. A recent report […]


Newsletter from the Beacon Center of Tennessee; August 30, 2012:  Happy Capital Day? Have you ever wondered why we have a special holiday to celebrate labor but not the capital creation that makes labor possible? From the Foundation for Economic Education’s Lawrence Reed: “[T]his year on Labor Day weekend, I’ll also be thinking about the […]


Newsletter from the Beacon Center of Tennessee; July 31, 2012:  Elvis, liquor, and your tax dollars What do these three things have in common? For one, Tennessee’s welfare program. Our intrepid investigative reporter, Chris Butler, recently dug through nearly 140,000 transactions by Memphis welfare recipients using their cash benefits in the form of Electronic Benefit […]


An amendment to Rep. Julia Hurley’s bill allows laid-off workers, who took a drug test for their former employer in the previous 45 days, to avoid having to be tested again. Critics on the House Health and Human Resources panel said the bill is unwarranted, mean-spirited and could place a “stigma” on seeking welfare and other government assistance.


Press Release from the Tennessee Department of Health, March 29, 2010: New Division Will Enforce Commercial Breeders Act NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Philip Gordon, DVM, has been named director of the newly created Division of Animal Welfare in the Tennessee Department of Health. In this position, he will oversee implementation of the Commercial Breeders Act and […]

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